Love the mankind
through environmental protection

Environmentally friendly new technology

Gentrogroup holds various intellectual property rights and new technologies centered on the environmental field. Through corporate activities based on human resources, technology, efficient organizational culture, and many others, we are building the competence the global standards require. Furthermore, we are implementing our management with work process that prioritizes the customer satisfaction.
Practicing our core values of ‘Sincerity’, ‘Trust', ‘Autonomy’, and ‘Service’, Gentrogroup aims to create a creative and vibrant future-oriented organizational culture.

“Love the mankind through environmental protection”
is the basic ideology of Gentrogroup.

Without a doubt, environmental issues are among the most serious problem we face today. In particular, water quality much affects people’s lives. Due to rapid industrialization and population growth, environmental pollution has intensified significantly and threats the future survival of mankind. Today, people seek better welfare and demand quality water. Gentrogroup is a specialized environment company for water treatment. By committing our ideology of protecting the environment and loving the mankind, we are taking great leaps through continuous innovation and challenges.

“Highest Customer Satisfaction”
is our highest priority.

With our Quality - Safety - Environment-based management, Gentrogroup provides ‘Total Solution Service’ by offering the most economical and optimized products and services within the shortest. Our work processes are innovated while centering around our customers. All of Gentrogroup’s shareholders, employees, partners, local communities are faithfully practicing the advanced management to grow together. Gentrogroup is also strengthening its technology, business, construction, procurement, and further its management capabilities. We are expanding our network with universities, research institutes, and leading partners for collaboration in technology development. In today’s rapidly changing market, Gentrogroup is prepared to react to customers’ demands efficiently. We will always think once more on the customer's side and meets all the needs to serve the role as a trustworthy business partner.

Gentrogroup pursues
“First-class human resources”

To effectively respond to uncertain future management environments and maintain our sustainable growth, Gentrogroup has invested a significant number of efforts to secure and nurture outstanding global human resources. Gentrogroup will continuously generate the future value by securing resources for global management. We are continuously cultivating global talents with specialized competencies, leadership, and internationalization capabilities through systematic education systems.