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PDF Water Tank

PDF Water Tank Outside

PDF Water Tank Inside

PDF Double Frame Water Tank complements the problems of existing water tanks that prohibits the movement of people who go into the tank for cleaning. Constructed using the external reinforced method, with minimum internal reinforcements, the tank can be conveniently cleaned and maintained.


ㆍMost hygienic (HDPE product), resistant to chlorine gas and fluorine
ㆍDouble frame panel maintains high strength(Optimized for large reservoir system)
ㆍInteral PE Sheet does not produce rust water
ㆍ Double frame panel prevents condensation. Can be produced regardless of glass or size, especially for the internal column for the water tank
ㆍ Simplified internal structure allows easy cleaning and maintenance, 100% recyclable
ㆍ Resistant to acidity and alkali, suitable for chemical tanks


Product Comparison
Produce Comparison P.D.F
(Polythylene Double Frame)
(Stainless Panel Tank)
(Sheet Molding Compound Panel Tank)
Material HDPE
(High Density Polyethylene)
Stainless 304.316L Sheet Molding Compound
Tank structure Iron Frame + PDF Panel + PE Sheet STS welded connection between plates panel packing, bolt assembly type
reinforcement methods internal/external reinforcement
turnbuckle reinforcement
External reinforcement using H-Beam/ pipe / others
internal reinforcement
STS rectangular material reinforcement
after STS place welding
internal reinforcement
internal turnbuckle reinforcement after
bolt assembly using SMC panel and reinforcement
assembly method thermosetting automatic welding internal welding STS welding connection between plates bolt assembly
repair method PE welding after drainage SUS welding after drainage bolt tightening or ceiling processing joint after drainage