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COD pipe

COD is an integrated inner and outer pipe system that simplifies the process that was inconvenient in the conventional method (construction of separate inner and outer pipes). The material and wave structure of HDPE. Are strong enough to be resistant to earth pressure and are resistant to breakage. They are also suitable for ground settlement and soft ground installation. They have better workability and stability than other protective pipes, eminence

Material and strength

ㆍ Resistant to impact, HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) particularly in the winter
ㆍ Strong rigidity, not deformed by earth pressure.
ㆍ No elongation or contraction of pipe length after landfill.


ㆍ 1Roll is produced with a maximum of 500m. It directly connects manhole to manhole without connecting part.
ㆍ Integrated product inside and out. Installed by a single process, shortens the construction period
ㆍ Inner side of the inner pipe is coated with silicone. Resistance reduces when cables are buried, suitable for ground construction
ㆍ Suitable for soft grounds and underground water grounds, mountains and tunnel sections.


Subsidiary materials of COD pipe

Tie hole

Easy installation and shortened installation period due to lack of the need to peeling the exterior when connecting a pipe to another.

1. The end of the connecting COD pipe should be trimmed and stay vertical using a screw type connector.

2. Align the other COD pipe vertically, then insert the outer guide for casting and assemble.

3. Connect the inner pipe guide with the gasket for watertight to both ends of the COD pipe.

4. Turn the outer guide in one direction to complete the tightening.

Manhole waterproof pipe
COD pipe connection pipe is a one-piece type adapter that connects COD pipe and waterproof pipe (integral pipe) which are formed by integrating outer pipe and the inner pipe. It is a one-piece type connection adapter which is formed by integrating a conventional pipe

COD connection parts